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Career, Relationships, and Family

Life is a balance between a career relationships, and family. Each one should be approached differently with care, respect, and love. Can Nancy and Bobby find that balance and not let the time shared be wasted?

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Teen to Young Adult

Growing up is not easy in a world where so many people try to bring you down. School should be rewarding and enjoyable. Family should be close and respected. Can two teens find their way to being adults while staying close?

Length: 20 minutes
Completed: October 18, 2015
Director: Brendan Brooks (born: September 14, 1966)
Family Friendly: YES
Production Company: Aria Pictures
Music By: Dan J. Evers & Doug Hammer

Nancy has a chance to become a music star in Nashville, but at the expense of her and Bobby?

Starring: Hayley Pritchard, Harrison McCormick, Gary L. Conover, Kimberly Ewing, Brian Arnold, Kyriè Sierra Davenport, and Dan Nelson

9.8/10 stars from 1743 users. Reviews: 68

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